Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppin' on the crazy train

In less than one month, my son will be turning 2 years old. (Although, he's been perfecting the "terrible two's" behavior for months now...) So, naturally it is time once again to plan a spectacular birthday party for the little dude, and go "way overboard" as Adam likes to say. I came up with the most awesome party theme, which is SO freakin' hard to come up with because most themes have been done to death, but I think I may have nailed it! I went a little crazytown last year, (as seen here) so of course I have to top myself and hop on the crazy train again this year. I just mailed out the invitations today, but wanted to share a few sneak peaks of them. I love them so hard, and can't wait to share the full photos of the invites in the next month!

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