Friday, June 15, 2012

After Success?

Last week marked the 4 year anniversary of me leaving my office job and starting Cracked Designs full time. (I had been doing CD part time on the side for a year-ish  before that) It seems like forever ago since that time and I remember being so terrified and excited for what the future held for CD. I had all these goals in my head and couldn't wait to fulfill each and every one. Now, 4 years later, I look at those original goals and realize that I've accomplished them all. Pretty crazy, right?

You always read about what it takes to pursue your dream in life etc., but there doesn't seem to be any guide to what happens after success. Even though I've been runnin' this show for 4 years, I'm now faced with the same terrified and excited feeling in my gut I had all those years ago when I first started, and find myself asking that same question, "what happens next?".  It's always thrilling to be working towards something, but lately I've felt at a bit of a stand still, and I'm faced with making even bigger (and scarier) goals. It's a great feeling, but an odd feeling as well.

Anyways, I love this little company I've created. If I could, I would give it a fist bump, but then would make fun of how fist bumping is lame, and we would high five instead, because that's old school cool. Yes, these are the things I think about in my spare time, giving high fives to my own company. Deal with it.

PS: Obviously, some very exciting news is on the horizon, and I can't wait to share it with you all in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Tyke

I forgot to post this last week, but we have a new card up in the Etsy shop! "Congrats on your new little tyke!" Go here to get it now!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aloha, Hawaii!

Adam and I got back from Hawaii earlier this week, and since then I have been in a coma of depression that I was not prepared for. Hawaii really did a number on us. The first week back from any vacation is always rough, trying to get back into your groove and getting back into work...but this goes beyond that. I've found myself browsing airline tickets to Hawaii instead of working, sipping on Mai Tai's instead of drinking the usual Summer Shandy, and putting on Elvis' 'Blue Hawaii' on loop. To say that we loved Hawaii is an understatement.

First off, Adam and I don't 'do' vacations probably like normal people 'do'' vacations. We usually pack in a huge assortment of odd tourist traps, off the beaten path "hole-in-the-wall"s, and discovering local flavor when we go on trips, and Hawaii was no different. We didn't spend a ton of time relaxing on beaches, instead we searched out some 'un-touched' Hawaii and hung out drinking Kava out of coconuts. It....was....amazing.

We traveled to 3 of the islands: Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, our favorite probably being Maui. It was surprising how different each of the islands were, but all equally stunning.

We, of course, tried lots of local beer and had some of the best Mai Tai's on earf. Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if they slipped crack into those Mai Tai's, they were addictive .

Some highlights of the trip included:
- 'Nakele Blowhole' in western Maui: we hiked down the rocks and got a close up view of this crazy ass blowhole, and boy was it worth it. It was windy that day, so the waves were rockin' and the blowhole was spraying like nobody's business.

- 'Aina Nalu' was our hotel in Maui and it was like staying in a jungle treehouse hideaway with 2 gorgeous pools.

- 'Maui Brewing Company': we liked this brewery better than the much more popular  'Kona Brewing Company' on the Big Island. It was really laid back and the beers were especially tasty. Kona did have a better patio though.

- 'Volcanoes National Park': everyone should go here. The hike in the crater was amazing, and despite the rainy weather we had, it was a surreal experience to see how lava could completely cover a road.

-Mai Tai's: We had a ton of different Mai Tai's, but our favorites were at 'The Royal Kona Hotel bar', 'Kimo's' in Lahaina, and the 'Feast at Lele' Luau.

- 'Okolemaluna Tiki Lounge' in Kona: This place was the bees knees, fo' real! It was off the main drag, and had some of the best tiki drinks on the planet. Our waiter was from the Milwaukee area too, and super nice.

Ah, Hawaii, what have you done to me? I get freakin' teary eyed looking at these photos, and long for my next Hawaii fix. Well, Aloha Hawaii, until we meet again!