Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New New and more New

"What the hill...?" - inside greeting: "Congratulations!"

We have, what I like to call a "butt load" of new cards in the Etsy shop right now! We're really excited about them all. Find all 5 of them in the Etsy shop now! What's your new favorite?

"Beefcake" - inside is blank

"You're an unbelievable couple" - inside is blank

"Hairy Christmas" - inside is blank

"You're Unbelievable- Jackalope" - inside is blank

Friday, October 4, 2013

Our travels: Oregon & Washington

We got back from the Pacific Northwest earlier this week, and like I had mentioned on facebook - we have never been so happy to be back in the midwest! We came home to sunny skies and high 70's, ahhhh! Despite the terrible weather, unreal traffic backups, Crater Lake being entirely covered by dense fog, and our flights being canceled on us TWICE.....we did have a fun trip! Here are some highlights...