Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pabst, my love

A few weeks ago, Adam was traveling for work, so I decided to play around and design a card for him for when he arrived home. Let's face it, we both love Pabst, a lot. What's not to love? They're cheap, tasty and come in 'Tall Boy'. I hand drew the Tall Boy can and kind of love it, I think I'm going to post it up in my office.


kimberly said...

I LOVE it...if it ever comes to the shop (as a card, or a little print) I would totally be all over it for my husband--he loves cheap beer (well, he loves a good microbrew, too, but for daily consumption, cheap beer all the way!) :)

PS. I work at the Paper Source & I love seeing your cards there :)

Adam said...

Let's be honest. I think you love Tall Boys and Pabst even more than I do.