Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time to rest

Wedding season has been particularly busy this year, and has definitely kept us on our toes for the last few months. So now, it is time to get out and travel and take a much needed vacation. We're headin' to Hawaii for the next 10 days, and once we're back we'll be ready to pump out the cards faster than ever. Aloha!

PS: The etsy shop is closed for the week, but never fear, we'll be back to open it up on Monday June 4th.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sass-Quatch Party: Part 2

So, as promised, here are some more photos from Beckett's 2nd "Sass-quatch" birthday party. We totally decked out the house in full Sass-Quatch Forest style, complete with lots of green balloons, "vine" streamers and of course the glorious and majestic Sass-Quatch Forest! (pictured below) I cut out giant cardboard trees and painted them green, taped wooden stakes to the back and stuck them in the buckets full of rocks to help them all stand up straight. They looked pretty darn coolio.

I also got a bunch of vintage style jars for every guest so everyone could make their own very little terrarium to take home with them. I had a terrarium station set up, with buckets filled with rocks, dirt, sand, succulents, and instructions. Plus I had a little box with a whole slew of figurines, ranging from army men to dinosaurs, so you could add a little rad-ness to your terrarium (See top photo)

Perhaps the most fun thing about the Sass-Quatch Forest is the Sass-quatch cutout that was attached to one of the cardboard trees. I cut out the face, so everyone could poke their head through and become a real live Sass-Quatch!

I made little vine streamers out of ribbon and green paper leaves that I cut out. I glued them all onto the ribbon and hung them jungle style all over the room. They turned out pretty cool and better than I expected.

I'll be back to post more photos this week, including the most awesome Sass-Quatch cake!

PS: In case you missed it, here are the invitations!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indie Wed MKE

Just wanted to quickly share that the most fabulous wedding show in the world is going TONIGHT at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee! Indie Wed has moved north and is going to be putting on the first ever Indie Wed Milwaukee! So so excited to be apart of it, I can't stress enough how amazing this show is. If you are getting married and are in the greater Milwaukee area, definitely come and check it out. It's from 4-9 tonight, and you can buy tickets at the door for $15. Look for US there too of course, we'll be right by the door at booth #3! See you there!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Temporary Tattoos

I've been really diggin' temporary tattoos lately. I've always secretly wanted a tattoo, but will never get one because I'm too much of a chicken. I really love the ones from Tattly, seen here.

Sass-Quatch Party: The Invitations

I'm excited to share the party invitations I made for Beckett's 2nd birthday party a couple weeks ago. I loved the idea of a "Sass-Quatch" themed party, because little Beckett is quite the sassy boy, and often could probably be mistaken for a wild beast with the temper tantrums he throws. I also wanted to come up with a party theme that I hadn't seen before!

So anyways, I was really excited to make these invites, naturally. I went all out and created a "field guide" type pamphlet that contained all the party info (along with some fun text), and was all packaged in a cotton muslin pouch, on which I hand drew the little arrows symbol. It all was sealed up in a handmade envelope complete with the "Explorer Society" logo sticker! Obviously, I loooooooved making these! Stay tuned for more party posts soon!

PS: See the "First glimpse" here.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ring Simplicity

 I'm usually a pretty plain jane when it comes to jewelry. Since I work from home and am on mom duty 24 hours, I usually don't give jewelry a second thought. I've been trying to be better though, since I actually do like jewelry. When I found these rings on Etsy recently, I was instantly smitten. I love how they are equally simple & beautiful. I also really love how they don't break the bank either! I was contemplating picking up one of these beauties, however this girl does have a birthday & mother's day coming up....

TOP LEFT:  infinity ring from Luttrell Studio, TOP RIGHT: Green ring from Luttrell Studio, BOTTOM: Knot ring by Autumn Equinox

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A First Glimpse

This past Sunday we threw a super fun 2nd birthday party for Beckett. I've been working on editing all the photos from the party, but thought I would share some snippets of the party to give you a first glimpse. It was soooo much fun to plan and design all the elements of this party, and can't wait to share all the deets in the coming days!

PS: Beckett's amazing shirt is from Gnome Enterprises.