Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sass-Quatch Party: The Invitations

I'm excited to share the party invitations I made for Beckett's 2nd birthday party a couple weeks ago. I loved the idea of a "Sass-Quatch" themed party, because little Beckett is quite the sassy boy, and often could probably be mistaken for a wild beast with the temper tantrums he throws. I also wanted to come up with a party theme that I hadn't seen before!

So anyways, I was really excited to make these invites, naturally. I went all out and created a "field guide" type pamphlet that contained all the party info (along with some fun text), and was all packaged in a cotton muslin pouch, on which I hand drew the little arrows symbol. It all was sealed up in a handmade envelope complete with the "Explorer Society" logo sticker! Obviously, I loooooooved making these! Stay tuned for more party posts soon!

PS: See the "First glimpse" here.


Jessica said...

this is so freakin' cool, I can barely contain myself. you rule.

Tara said...

hahah Thanks Jessica!! I may have went overboard, but dang it, I don't care! :)

Angela Q said...

OMG these must have been so fun to create!!! So cool!

lisa said...

Absolutely love these! Saw them on oh so beautiful paper and left comment there too. Wondering if you can tweak the design for our annual cousin campout? Love the sasquatch!! I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Could you post a diy or what materials you used? Did you order the stamp? I love it all! I would love to make something similar for my daughter - she would love it!

Tara said...

Thanks all!

Lisa- Yes definitely email me! I can tweak the design for you!

Also, I will definitely do a post soon of the materials I used to create these. I actually printed out the logo on sticker paper and punched it out using a circle punch. Everything was printed digitally, and I hand drew the arrows on the bag. Will post the full DIY soon!