Monday, February 27, 2012

I will now tame you with a mama magic trick.

I'm pretty sure I need this bag/this bag was made for me. I'm the type of mama who hates the traditional diaper bag, so I'm always on the lookout for a good big tote bag. But now that Beckett is getting older, I don't need quite as much stuff as I used to (which means I don't need quite as huge of a bag), but I do still need boatloads of snacks, distractions, and other 'tricks' to keep my often, ornery-in-public son, quiet. A lot of times I already feel like my tote bag is a 'Bag of tricks', and I enjoy watching Beckett's eyes (and sometimes my husbands eyes) light up with excitement in anticipation for what I'll pull out of my bag next. I'm sort of a badass mama magician.

Get this awesome tote (I'm sure as heck going to!) at Madewell

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Handshake Anxiety

One moment I hate in life, is the moment when you are introduced to someone for the first time and go in for the handshake. Let me explain this, I am super short and tiny. (I usually say I have a height deficiency) Although I am pushing my 30's, I have a young face and many mistake me for being in my early 20's, and have often gotten sympathetic looks when I am out with my son, Beckett. (Like - "Oh, that poor teen mom") I hate it. Despite all this, I have a pretty strong handshake. It doesn't really go with my body.

The hate shaking hands with people, because so many people give the weirdest handshakes. They like just put out their fingertips, and I'm like, what the hell do I do with this, kiss your hand? But then there are some people who you think are going to give a really good strong handshake (like men), but then totally psych you out by giving you 'limp hand'. So then I look like a total dude because I'm the one who gave the manly handshake. It also doesn't help that my hands are ALWAYS ice cold, and usually clammy. People always feel the need to comment on that fact, like "Hey, were you just stranded in the cold?!" Yeah dude, my hands are cold, what are you, a comedian? Now shut it and let's get on with the interview.

The point of this post is that it's hard to find someone who gives a genuinely good handshake. I decided instead of shaking hands with people from now on, I think I'm going to start giving high fives. That wouldn't be weird right?

Monday, February 20, 2012


I've been wanting to make a whale card for a while. Why? I'm not really sure, maybe because whales are cool, duh! So, check out our Etsy shop for our newest card: "Let's Hump" (the inside of this card is blank)

Friday, February 10, 2012

The strange land that is my desk.

The other day while I was working I stopped for a minute to look at my desk. It was covered in saxophone cutouts, glittery spaceships, white underpants and more. It made me pretty darn happy knowing that I get to spend all day covering my desk in the weirdest combination of things and dreaming up some crazy cards in the process.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We heart Indie Wed

We trekked down to Chicago on Saturday for our third Indie Wed show. It was amazing as usual. There's really nothing bad to ever say about this event, seriously, I can't even think of a single thing. We met a whole bunch of cute couples, and managed to keep the awkward-ness at a record minimum. I'd like to think we are some kind of Indie Wed pros! Check out all of our Wedding Invitation sets in our Etsy shop, or some of our custom designs on our site.