Friday, August 14, 2009

Keg Killah

Phew, it has been a great and super busy week! It started with the amazing Storque interview on Etsy and ended with me fulfilling my life-long dream of killing the keg at the Wisconsin State Fair. Oh yes, it's true my friends. If you kill the keg, you get the sweetest shirt ever. Adam and I have dreamed about one day killing the keg, and yesterday it happened. Ah, dreams do come true.

To celebrate my successful week on Etsy, I am off to celebrate by hopefully killing another keg with lots of good friends. Have a happy weekend!


Monica Rae Gill said...

This is hilarious.

My dad is Benno, the man whose keg you killed. I grew up in his food & beverage concessions business, and here you sit holding one of our shirts.

I can't even believe it.

Tara said...

HAHAHA oh my gosh!! That is awesome!

DesertNana said...

After your Virtual Lab today and viewing your TRAVEL JOURNAl I just had to come by and say
I have a weak signal out here in the desert so don't know why you weren't on Live via webcam-but id love to see you come back again LIVE!
I will be shopping with you again and again no doubt!!