Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What we've been up to.

As I write this, I feel like my eyes are actually going googly, because I've been staring at a sea of Journey Journals and intricate custom drawings for what seems like a bajillion days.

Tis true, we've been crazy busy here at CD, and cards, journals and prints are flying out of the door faster than my 3 year old when he sees snow outside.

It's been one of our busiest and best holiday seasons so far, and it ain't even over yet! Since I've been seriously neglected the blog lately - we've been keeping busy, especially locally, which is always exciting and fun! We participated in our first Hovercraft event at Turner Hall last week, and despite a big ol' snowstorm, it was a great success! Milwaukeeans truly are the bees knees for braving the snow and coming out to support local handmade goodness. We ain't 'fraid of no snow.

We have been so incredibly excited to launch a new project - T-shirts! Creating our new shirts let us collaborate with an awesome local screen printing business - Orchard Street Press. Anyone in Milwaukee already knows how cool this biz is, and we are so grateful to them for helping us out! Our new beer t-shirts can be seen here.

We've been doing tons and tons of custom Journey Journals for the holiday season too. Apparently New Zealand is the place to go this year! We've done more N.Z. journals than anything else this year, oddly enough. Want your own custom journal for an upcoming trip? They start at $20 and can be started by shooting me a message on Etsy!

In all the madness, I managed to sneak in some time to make what is perhaps the weirdest and most awesome Christmas card for us. Here is a sneak peak, but I'll post more on those later...

Even though I have yet to start Christmas shopping (yikes.), this past month has been so awesome and I am thrilled to see so many people supporting handmade this holiday season. I wish I could hug all of you. Hoping you all have a happy holiday next week! XOXO, CD

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