Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello 2014

Why, hello 2014. Nice to meet you!
It seems like the years keep flying by, I mean, I thought I just wrote "Hello 2013" yesterday!?

We had another great year + one of our biggest holiday seasons of our 6 year existence! It was so awesome, and it's all thanks to you - our supporters! 2012 was definitely a learning year - a "stuck in a rut" year for us, and we spent a lot of time re-thinking things, so in 2013 we put the wheels in motion and re branded a little and made things fun again! We designed some of our most favorite things this year and focused on our love for local and got back to basics - being our quirky selves. I must say, 2013 was one of my favorites!

Here are the highlights:
* Had the pleasure of participating in Maker Market, IndieWed, Urban Garage Sale and Hover Craft.
* We designed our first non paper product...T-Shirts!!
* I, unfortunately, turned 30. I guess it wasn't that bad.
* My son turned 3, and as usual, I went completely overboard with a 3-D party.
* We traveled a lot, and my son got his first taste of all the wonder that is Route 66.
* We gave lots of love to Milwaukee an WI, with our new neighborhood and beer prints!
* We did some re-branding and freshened up the Etsy shop.
* We did tons of custom work with some of the nicest folks around, from wedding invitations - to party invitations - to illustration portraits and more! So. Much. Fun.

Thanks again to everyone out there who loves us, we love you right back. We can't wait to share lots of new designs with you this year. The best is yet to come!

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