Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Show us your Journey

Our 'Journey Journal' continues to be one of our favorite products we sell. We love the open road, traveling to far away places, and exploring new and exciting destinations. Our love for a good ol' fashioned road trip first inspired us to create the 'Journey Journal'. We've traveled to so many radical places and love tracking & writing about our journey, as well as being able to look back on our travels.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, we've created numerous different 'Journey Journals' to accommodate your travels, from our 'Europe Edition' to our 'Australia Edition', and of course the whole 'World Edition', and everything in between. We recently just created a custom journal for a couple who were going to be traveling the entire world. Their itinerary looked amazing, which got us thinking.....

We'd love to see your Journey!

That's right, we want to see how you used our 'Journey Journal' to track your travels! Either scan in or photograph the front cover and a selection of the inside pages (as well as any of your 'travel treasures'!) and email your Journey to us.

What's in it for you? Well, the winner will get a $40.00 credit to be used in our Etsy shop, as well as a another 'Journey Journal' of your choice, so you can continue to track your amazing travels. We will also pick a runner up winner, which will receive a 'Journey Journal' of your choice.

What are the specifics? Email all entries to: tarasherm@gmail.com and label them with the subject line, "Show us your Journey Entry". You may also send us a message in Etsy if you prefer. In your email, please attach your scans or photos of your 'Journey Journal', along with a brief summary of your trip (including the date & place(s) of the trip) and any funny or interesting experiences on this particular trip that made it so memorable. The more creative & interesting you get with your story of your trip will be to your advantage! Also in your email, include your name, email address, and phone number. The better the photographs/scans of your Journal pages, the better we can see just how awesomely you used your journal! ANY of our 'Journey Journals' are eligible for entry (the original, Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, Mini, World & ANY custom journal that was made for you)

You can start emailing your entries today and entries will be accepted until midnight (CST) on Sunday November 4th.  No late entries will be accepted, sorry. Winners will be notified by email the week of November 19th. Only one entry per person, so narrow down your most memorable trip!

What the heck will you be looking for in a winner?  Well there are a lot of things! Your destination doesn't have to be the most exotic, it could be a weekend road trip an hour from your house, or a luxurious getaway to Paris, it doesn't matter. Some of our best trips have been closest to home, so location is not a factor in deciding a winner. What does matter is how you sell it. We want to see how you used the inside pages of the Journal (especially the drawings!) and your creativity in how you used your Journal. (that doesn't mean your drawings have to be works of art, though!) We want to laugh, cry, laugh some more, and be intrigued when reading the story of your trip, so the more you give us, the better. We love a good story! It also doesn't matter when your trip took place, it could have been 3 years ago, or yesterday. Any destination is accepted, so don't think that your trip to North Dakota will be dismissed, we want to see and hear it all, so don't be shy!

The winner and runner-up will have their trips featured on the blog in December. So, make sure those pics/scans are fabulous! 

If we missed something, feel free to email us with any questions! We are so grateful for all of the folks who have purchased our 'Journey Journal's and have, in turn, made them such a huge success. We are so excited to see all of your amazing adventures, ready...set...GO!

PS: Don't have a 'Journey Journal' yet? Well, go get one here!

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