Thursday, August 15, 2013

The dream of the 90's is alive...

We are planning a trip out to the Pacific Northwest in a month, and I have been a researching machine on all things big foot, grunge music, craft beer, coffee, Paul Bunyan, Twin Peaks locations and all other glorious things the Pacific NW has to offer. But what is my real dream to see while out west you ask? To see Carrie Brownstein but of course! Does this seem like a stalker thing to say? Yes. Am I a question talker today? Yes.

I have been spending perhaps too much time watching "Portlandia" lately, and "Sleater-Kinney" has been playing in the house just a little more than usual. Adam just doesn't get it, but I have had a serious crush on this girl ever since my ears first heard the sweet sounds of girl angst on my walkman, a million years ago. What's not to like? She just oozes coolness.

Well anyways, I'm looking forward to drinking insane amounts of beer and washing it down with a damn good cup of coffee! (Agent Cooper, anyone?) Does anyone have any off the beaten path suggestions? Cool places to visit/see in Washington or Oregon? I'd love to hear, we're always up for an adventure!


Anonymous said...

Sahalie Falls and Clear lake in the cascades, which is somewhat on the way to the Deschutes Brewery, their black butte porter is quite good.

Tara said...

Nice! Thanks for the tips!!