Tuesday, October 2, 2012


One of the many reasons I've been a terrible blogger lately, is because for the past year we've been doing a major remodel of our upstairs attic space. We live in a 100 year old bungalow home with loads of character, which originally drew us to the house, naturally. In addition to all the history of the house, we also loved that almost all of the upstairs space was unfinished when we bought it. This meant that we would be able to completely remodel it just the way we wanted to. Score.

Well, fast forward to five years later, we finally started the remodel project (last summer 2011), and holy smokes, talk about a daunting and exhausting task. We had always dreamed of the day when we would get to pick out our dream layout and all the fun stuff of a brand new space. But little did I know how time consuming and stressful it is to have every decision completely up to you. Wasn't this supposed to be fun and easy? Our new space is huge and basically doubles our current living space, adding a huge master bedroom, master bathroom, office and loft area. So, there were lots and lots of decisions to be made. What I learned so far, is that Adam and I are terrible at making quick interior decorating decisions. It took us, seriously, 6 months to pick out hard wood flooring. I cannot tell you how many hours have been spent looking at wood. It kind of makes me want to barf just thinking about it. The thing is, we want everything to be just perfect. And perfection is a stressful thing.

Well, finally, we are in the home stretch of the finalization of this remodel (kind of...) We are currently finishing the master bathroom (which took 1 year of picking out just the right tile...seriously, what is wrong with us!?) The master bedroom has been finished for a while now, and once the bathroom is complete we can finally move into the new space. I'm also currently in the process of moving my office into the new office space. Even though we are in the final steps, I'm predicting we still have a ways to go. There is still the daunting task of converting my current office space into a loft space, picking out the perfect bed, closet organization, and overall decorating of the entire space. sigh.

Although it's been a long process littered with Adam and I arguing over toilets, paint color and tile, it's been amazing & rewarding to see this space that was once a dingy attic home to a terrifying bat, turn into a beautiful, natural light drenched, living area. We wanted this space to reflect our eclectic style, combining modern elements with vintage charm. We want to stay true to who we are and let this new space shine with our personalities, while still honoring the original character of our home. So far, I'm loving the little details that we've started incorporate, like a 60's mod sputnik light, exposed brick and bright colored flea market finds. I'm already falling in love hard, and even though the space isn't perfect yet, I know it's completely "us", and well, that's pretty perfect in itself.

Above pictures are a little glimpse of my favorite details so far, and since it's become such a huge part of our world, I'm excited to share more about the remodel in the months to come!

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