Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Man Party: Part 2

So, here is installment #2 of the birthday party bonanza....

Here is a close up of one of the No. 1 ribbons I made. I really liked the way they turned out and were pretty easy to make!

Ok, so this might be one of my favorite things about the party. Adam HAND DREW 30 different mustaches on all the cups. Yes, not only did he hand draw all of them, but he found 30 DIFFERENT mustaches to illustrate and name. It was pretty impressive. He got a little creative with them as he was getting towards the end. And he says he's not creative. I would beg to differ!

I set out a box of chocolate cigars, which looked pretty real! They added a nice touch. I also had necktie napkins, which were so cool! If you tucked them into your shirt, it looked like you were wearing a tie. I also placed old glass jars around the house and filled them with animal crackers (ya know, for the kids, since this is a kids party....)

I was really excited when I thought of this....I labeled all the water bottles for folks with the phrase, 'Wet your whistle'.

Next up I'll have photos from our photo booth, the cake, & my favorite: the stationery

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