Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback: Dorota and Adam

So, in preparation for Indie Wed in Chicago (coming up on Feb. 2nd!), I've been going through my archives of wedding invitations, and stumbled upon a few designs that I've never shared on the blog. Including this invitation from waaaaaaay back in 2010, which coincidentally is one of my favorites! It's no surprise I totally forgot to post about this suite, considering I gave birth shortly after I finished designing it. It's not like I had anything else better to do. 

This wedding invitation suite was terrific to design, because it was really different than anything else I had ever done up to that point. The bride and groom had specific visions, and I had the challenging and wonderful task of bringin' it to life! The end result was so fun, and I love how vintage/modern/simplistic is turned out to be.

Dorota & Adam wanted a detailed outline of the events of the day, and wanted to convey just how fun and not-so-traditional the day was going to be. Dorota loves books and Adam loves music, so they asked for something that portrayed those elements. The RSVP card was designed as a library card and the "info" card was designed to reflect an old school billboard chart. We stuck to the chic black & white color palette, by pairing the white cardstock with jet black envelopes.

I absolutely adored the old school vibe Dorota & Adam stuck to.  These puppies are definitely unique, and remain one of my favorite designs!

Watch for more "Flashback" wedding invitation suites in the coming weeks as I prepare for my 4th Chicago Indie Wed!

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