Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sparrow Collective

Local Bayview store, 'Fasten' closed up shop this month, however the fabulous 'Sparrow Collective' took over and is continuing where 'Fasten' left off. I am forever grateful to 'Fasten' because they were the first store to believe in Cracked Designs and to sell our cards. It's because of 'Fasten' that I had the confidence to keep faith in Cracked Designs even after a lot of hard rejections (ah hem, Paper Boat, which is now closing...) So I am excited to keep on selling at the new 'Sparrow Collective'! I'm so happy to see a store like 'Sparrow' keepin' Milwaukee awesome! Sparrow Collective' will continue to sell one-of-a-kind works by local designers as well as bring in new designers from around the country. Check out the nice little article on here.

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annoying customer said...

i love this shirt! i saw it in the store and must own it.