Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dharma Inspiration

So, I am a huge LOST fan. And as many may know, the long awaited season premiere was last night, and well, it was awesome. Besides the millions of reasons I love LOST...I love all of the Dharma Initiative logos scattered in the show and on the island. They are oh so vintage and nostalgic. Something about them screams mystery and I love it!

I am currently working on a super secret 'Double Agent Daybook' (...which will be out very soon), so I have been looking for a lot of 'secret agent' and 'mysterious' inspiration. And while I was watching LOST last night, I realized that those awesome Dharma logos fit in quite nicely with the look I'm going for. So thank you LOST for not only blowing my mind, but for providing me with a little inspiration.

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annoying customer said...

i love Lost!!!!
i can't wait to see this new journal!